BSI Weekend Recap

Want a flavor of what goes on at the BSI Weekend? Listen to this:

2015 BSI Weekend Recap



Arrangements for Birthday Weekend lodgings have been made at The Yale Club of New York City at 50 Vanderbilt Avenue, NY, NY 10017 (west side of Grand Central Station, map) starting at  special BSI tax-free rates of $200.00/night.  See the BSI Weekend General Reservation form (PDF) for all room type options and pricing. 

Arrangements have also been made for a second block of rooms at The Roosevelt Hotel at 45 E. 45th Street, NY, NY 10017 (a block from The Yale Club, map) at $199.00/night for a single or double room.

Picture galleries are available at their respective websites:  Guestrooms at the Yale Club and the Roosevelt Hotel Photo Gallery.  Both venues are full-service facilities; breakfast is available at each but not included in the room rates; you will need to arrange for incidentals charged to your room to be paid at check-out. 

Please note that if you choose to book directly with either BSI venue, or elsewhere, you will not receive these special rates and you will be paying New York City and State taxes amounting to 20% of your total hotel bill.  To secure BSI room rates, and save the 20% tax, the BSI is accepting reservations for lodging and other BSI functions from Sherlockians who are not attending the BSI Dinner and who are not BSI Members, as described in the form below. 

Please submit your reservation request on the General Reservation Form (PDF)along with your payment by the DUE date listed on the form.